Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Basic SYW French infantry template now available

As Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein has so eloquently reminded us, we must not forget the French. ;-)

So here is a basic French infantry template- there will be variants of this later. Please form an orderly queue, Lords and Gentlemen! The shop is crowded enough and there will be danger to life and limb if there is a stampede to the counter. There are enough copies for everyone...



Bluebear Jeff said...

Ack! How dastardly! Now those VILE Stagonians will have new uniforms.

Is Eighteenth Century imagi-Europe ready for Stagonian scum masquerading as decent soldiers in nice clean uniforms?

We suggest that the answer is "no"! Perhaps if all nations were to shoot on sight all wearing this new uniform?

True, perhaps a few innocent Gallians might be slain . . . but we say that that is but a small price to pay to get rid of some Stagonians.

-- Tavern Keeper in Saxe-Bearstein

David said...

Anon. says: "In nice clean, bright white uniforms they'll be so much easier to see from miles off - and so can be dealt with as they deserve all the easier too... But don't tell them that - ssshhh..."

Bluebear Jeff said...

No, no . . . I won't tell . . . *grin*.