Thursday, 21 June 2007

What comes of haste and tiredness

Well, as they say in Tippelbruder "A tired man is a sloppy workman" and "Hasty work is sloppy work". I've now updated the two Austrian infantry templates, as I realised this morning (browsing through a SYW uniform book over breakfast) that I had missed off the retaining strap on the left shoulder on both. So, apologies to anyone who downloaded them before now and is anxious to have as authentic a uniform as possible - though I imagine that most people will shrug it off and not feel the sense of mortification that I felt when I realised. I *really* do like to get it right! :-) Obviously burning the midnight oil and trying to do things too rapidly is not good - so I hope people will (as Jeff suggested) not mind being kept waiting. After all, I've been doing this for only a very short time and it has to fit into whatever time I can find after doing everything else that life demands. If someone is willing to fund me so I can do it full-time for three months, please do contact me ASAP! ;-)



meadows boy said...

Thankyou again for the templates, now have a rest!

cheers and best wishes
David of Davidsberg

David said...

Thanks, David, will do! :-)