Saturday, 18 August 2007

3rd Russian Infantryman - Grenadier

The unusual grenadier cap was introduced in 1752 and changed for a more conventional mitre cap in 1763. The civic arms were carried on the front of the grenadier cap and also on the cartridge pouch carried at the waist.


Stagonian Jeff said...

"So, are they turning out French-style uniforms yet?

"I'm afraid not, your Majesty. They seem to be working on Russian uniforms."

"Are those 'special troops' in place yet?"

"I believe so, your Majesty."

"Then initiate 'Operation Burning Tailor'."

David said...

From the Tippelbruder Realzeitung: Following a tip off, the Tippelbruder Fire Brigade and elements of the Town Militia have stationed themselves around the Template Shop in Tippelbruder. David Linienblatt has a bodyguard (of unspecified size) at all times and the entire town is on full alert. Woe betide any Stagonian found in Tippelbruder!

Bloggerator said...

It just struck me looking at the mitre in this latest work of yours that the Russians must have been early home boys. If you look closely you can see the baseball cap turned around backwards...



David said...

I see what you mean! I hadn't noticed that before - largely not having any awareness or knowledge of baseball at all. Seriously, though, I do wonder where they got the inspiration for the design as it is rather curious.

David said...

P.S. A sudden inspiration - a neckguard derived from experience fighting the Turks with lots of sword-armed cavalry perhaps?