Saturday, 23 February 2008

Musing on flags...

Having posted flag templates without the full details i.e. minus the ciphers and emblems, I wonder if I ought to post ones that are the complete Prussian flags, along with colouring details. Someone might find them useful? Well, we'll see what response I get! ;-) Comments, please.


Snickering Corpses said...

If you want to, by all means do as you like. :) If you're doing so just to fill in a hole for the historical folks, however, I think all the Prussian flags are available via

That said, I refer you back to my first sentence. If you want to do them, do them. :)

David said...

Warflag seems to have only regiments 1-18, and they are rather small without much detail. Having said that, though, I'm sure somewhere else it's possible to find all the infantry flags as wargames items - but I can't remember how detailed they are.

I'll see - if I have the time and energy, I might. We'll see if there's much demand, first, possibly... ;-)

Thanks for the response, anyway, SC. :-)


Bluebear Jeff said... has a great many Infantry flags for various countries (although by no means exhaustive.

What they do NOT have is many flags for mounted units. The flag patterns for Cavalry and Dragoons are quite limited.

So, as Jonathan said, let your own desires be your guide (and do only what you want to) . . . but it is the mounted flags for various countries that are quite difficult to find.

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...

As mentioned above, Warflag only has Prussian infantry regiments up to no. 18 and strictly speaking the obverse of the flags should be reversed. I think Dal Gavan's flags are better (no offence intended to whoever put in the hard work at Warflag!)

David - I'm sure I'll be using your templates. The ones you've done so far look like they'll be great for the Imagineers...

BTW... there's a couple of Austrian flags here, but no leibfahne.

David said...

Hi Jeff,

Yes - as you've already seen, I'm doing some cavalry standards! :-)


David said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks for the comment. Yes, Dal Gavan's flags were the ones I had in mind; they are good but not available for fiddling/tweaking etc..

I'm glad you'll be using the flags - let me know when you post your versions, please.

The Austrian flags are rather too specific and unvaried, I feel, for fictionalising but I might well do a few. We'll see!


Marc said...


Please post all complete Prussian Flags. I need them for my Playmobil Seven Years War army. Other flags available on the web do not convert properly to an other scale.

Best regards,

p.s. Keep on the good work

David said...

Hi Marc,

Thanks for the post. Yes, I will eventually post complete Prussian flags rather than just my edited versions - can't promise when, though. Sometime soon, I hope.

All good wishes,