Tuesday, 18 November 2008

12th and 13th Reichsarmee Templates: Grenadier and Musketeer, Infantry Regiment Fürstenberg (Swabian Circle)

Unit history to follow.

Uniform (details mostly from the Weimarer Handschrift 1760): Grenadier: Brown fur cap, white metal plate with Fürstenberg eagle, red bag . Musketeer: black tricorne, white lace, white pompom and bobs with red centre. Both: Black stock. White coat, Prussian cut, with bright red collar, lapels, cuffs and turnbacks. White shoulder strap. Bright red waistcoat. White breeches. White or yellow metal buttons or possibly a mixture of both.


Fitz-Badger said...

More beautiful templates! Makes me wish my manufacturers of choice would produce some of these types of troops (along with all of your other templates!).

David said...

Thanks, FB. :-) I'm sure no manufacturer could afford to produce every variant, sadly - and the Reichsarmee is probably a long way from being very popular with wargamers. I must confess to quite a partiality for them; it's hardly surprising that they were often not very motivated, largely men conscripted into somebody else's fight and expected to die for it. I like the bit in Christopher Duffy's "Prussia's Glory" page 39: "The regiment of Hesse-Darmstadt was the best of the Reichsarmee, yet the secretary of its Prince Georg was happy to record that by 29 July it had lost "only" 116 men from desertion." Hmm!