Sunday, 17 May 2009

Musketeer of Württemberg Infantry Regiment Spitznas

Raised 1752 from the 2nd Battalion of the IR Prinz Louis. 2 battalions, each with 5 musketeer and 1 grenadier company; each company c.100 men for a theoretical total for the regiment of 1219 officers and men. Each battalion had a 3 pounder gun attached.

During the early part of the SYW the regiment was paid for by the French government. In 1757 it joined the Austrian army in Silesia and was at Breslau on November 22nd and Leuthen on December 5th, but escaped from Leuthen with relatively few casualties. In 1758 one battalion joined the French army and was at Lutterberg on October 10th and also in action near Lauterbach and Fulda on November 30th. From 1760 Austrian subsidies paid for the regiment and so it joined the Austrian army in Silesia once again, seeing action during the siege of Wittenberg.

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