Monday, 25 February 2008

Prussian Hussar Style Standard (until 1740s only)

To complete the Prussian set, here is a Prussian hussar standard of the early 1740s. They were not carried after the early years of the War of the Austrian Succession.


Stokes Schwartz said...

Hello Again David,

What a nice surprise! Thank you very much for the hussar standard, which I will use later in the year for a couple of Revell plastic regiments of hussars. Although my imaginary campaign is set in the late 1760s, I loooove colorful standards, flags, and guidons -- so, my hussars will ride behind standards like these.

Best Regards,


David said...

Thanks, Stokes. I'm glad you'll be using it soon. :-)

I think it was very shabby of Fred 2 to take away the hussars' flags like that. ;-(

I've a few other hussar standards to think about so you may well have a choice by the time you need them! :-)

All the best,


Capt Bill said...

Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein had commanded me to compliment you on your excellent craftsmanship. He will be providing new standards to his army as soon as our national emblem, the beerstein, and his "W" can can be inserted into the wreaths. Thanks for the inspiration...Bill

MurdocK said...

super works David on all these flags!

David said...

Thanks, Bill and Murdock! :-)