Friday 14 March 2008

French infantry flag update: 12 final flags coming soon

Update Friday 14th March: 12 new flags now virtually done, apart from the process of the final checking, then converting them to png files, zipping them up, uploading them, etc.. But all that will now have to wait until the weekend as I have jobs to do this evening. There are 3 Irish flags, 4 German flags, 3 Swiss flags and 2 more native French infantry flags; above is a snapshot of the uncoloured templates. The top left 4 flags are German infantry; the top right 2 flags French; the bottom left 3 Swiss and bottom right 3 Irish. So - watch this space!

Wednesday 12 March 2008

Preview of next few French infantry flags

The German, Irish, Swiss, etc. flags are progressing well; here is a snapshot showing the flag of the German regiment Royal Pologne on the left and the Irish regiment Dillon on the right. I hope to post another batch of flags by the end of the week.

Tuesday 11 March 2008

New batch of 12 French infantry flags now available

The next batch of 12 French infantry flag templates can be downloaded here:

Monday 10 March 2008

More French infantry flags on the way...

These will be coming along sometime this week plus more, including those rather splendid flags of German and Irish regiments in French service... The German flags will take longer to produce as they are much more fiddly to draw. This next batch of 12 flags are nearly completed; many of them are of regiments disbanded or amalgamated into other regiments in 1749. It seems that having an attractively different flag was almost a guarantee of disbandment!

Also coming soon, a Bosniak, and Russian and Austrian hussars. (For Jean-Louis there'll also be a Polish konfederatka cap.) I'm still messing about with generals' uniforms, too, but haven't been able to produce something I like the look of yet. The inspiration is missing on them, I'm afraid. Ho hum...

Sunday 9 March 2008

12 French Infantry Flag Templates

Here are 12 French infantry flag templates, from the very basic to rather more complex. More to follow, hopefully, some time next week.

The blank templates are zipped up as one package here: as I didn't want to mess about doing one post here for each one.

This thumbnail image gives an idea of what can be done; these represent authentic French infantry flags (even if we cannot always be sure of the exact shades of the colours used!). A few are flags which went out of use in 1749 but they seemed to me too attractive to reject because of that sad little fact. :-)