Wednesday 6 December 2023

Warburg French Flags Project: Flags of French Infantry Regiment Rohan-Rochefort

First raised 1677 under Louis XIV. Originally a Walloon regiment. Incorporated the regiment Fleury in 1749. 2 battalions in 1756. Ranked 64th in 1753. [Names in capitals below are the names of the regiment as its ownership changed]

The evidence suggests this pattern of flags was carried at least from 1697 when the regiment was  ISENGHIEN to 1762 under ROHAN-ROCHEFORT.

Service history [from Susane Volume 8 with corrections from Kronoskaf]:

Raised 22nd February 1677 by N. de PIETTEMONT
1677: Battle of Kassel; the colonel is killed there

1677: Given the 1st November to Ignace de Belvalet, Count of FAMECHON

1678: Army of Catalonia; capture of Puycerda
1688-1689: Served on the river Bidassoa [a river on the SW boundary of France with Spain]
1690: Expedition to Ireland; battle of the Boyne; defence of Limerick
1691: Re-entered France and sent to Italy
1693: Battle of Marsaglia
1694: Army of Catalonia again: battle of Ter; capture of Palamos, Girona, Hostalrich and Castelfollit
1695-1696: Army of Italy again
1697: Given the 11th February to Louis de Gand-Vilain de Mérode de Montmorency, Prince of ISENGHIEN

1701: Army of Flanders
1702: Combat of Nimègue
1703: Army of the Rhine; siege of Kehl; combat of Munderkirchen; 1st battle of Hochstedt
1704: 2nd battle of Hochstedt [Blenheim]
1705-1706: Army of the Rhine
1707: Army of Flanders
1708: Battle of Oudenarde
1708-1714: In garrison at Valenciennes

1717: Given to the Marquis de MONTESQUIOU then Victor-Alexandre, Marquis de MAILLY

1733: Army of Germany; siege of Kehl
1734: Siege of Philipsbourg
1735: Combat of Klausen

1735: 7th March given to the Marquis de BIRON

1741: Army of Westphalia
1742: To Bohemia; retreat to Prague
1743 Battle of Dettingen
1744: Army of Flanders; capture of Ypres, of Menin and Furnes
1745: Siege of Tournai; battle of Fontenoy; capture of Oudenarde, Termonde and Ath

1745: 1st December given to Charles-Armand-Jules, Prince of ROHAN-ROCHEFORT

1746: Siege of Namur; battle of Rocoux
1747: Conquest of Dutch Flanders; battle of Lawfeld
1748: Siege of Maastricht

1756: Expedition to Minorca
1757: Army of Germany
1758: Battles of Krefeld and Lutzelberg
1759: Capture of Frankfurt
1760: Combats of Warburg and Klostercamps

1761: 26th February given to Charles-Emmanuel, Chevalier de SAINT-MAURIS

1762: 10th December incorporated into Regiment Poitou

And this was the uniform in 1756: