Wednesday 1 June 2022

Flag of French Milice d'Autin 1689-?

Absolutely the last French militia flag for now. I could not resist this one either; I'm just having too much fun, with fancy flags and no complicated text to write! It's like a graphic artist's holiday. Ha ha.

Tuesday 31 May 2022

Flag of French Milice de Lorraine 1742

I can find no information on this unit but rather liked the flag so here it is. It is unusual enough to please even ImagiNations users, I think! :-)

This (and the previous posting) was a somewhat unintended wander into the byways of French militia flaggery. I shall return again sometime but next I'll be back with Prussian, regular French and other flags.

I've now done the actual flags for Prussian Infantry Regiments 4, 11, 14 and 16 but still have to do the uniform plates and text, never a quick task.

Monday 30 May 2022

Willz Harley's French Militia With My New Flag; French Militia Flag Also Posted

Willz Harley posted some shots of his nice French militia regiment on the Fife and Drum Forum yesterday. He did not have a proper militia flag so had used one of my white French colonel's flags. I had planned to do some French militia flags at some point, although, as Pierre Charrié explains in his splendid and comprehensive flag book Drapeaux Et Étendards Du Roi, we know very little about many of them. However, we do have details amongst others of the Milices de Sedans so I created the ordonnance flag yesterday evening and emailed it to Willz. He has now attached it to the standard bearer and sent me some pictures of the colour party; see attached images. At some point I will draw the colonel's flag of the bourgeois Sedan Militia and post it; it is more elaborate than the ordonnance flag.

Here are 3 of Willz's pictures which he said he would be happy for me to post here:



Willz has shown his militia in standard plain French uniform; we have little information on what many militia units wore and it is likely some wore civilian clothes.

This is his unit with the previous white flag:

Kronoskaf has useful summaries of what we know of the various militia units:

And here is the ordonnance flag of the Milices de Sedan for those who would like to use it for their Militia: