Friday 10 July 2020

A question about the content of my flag posts...

At the moment I have 3 sets of Prussian flags from Rossbach waiting to be posted. It takes me quite some time to write up the text of the regimental histories and I could probably produce more flags more quickly if I did not include them. Is it worth continuing with the more or less detailed text? Or should I strip down the postings to include just the flags and probably the uniforms? Or does the text add value and interest to the posts? Some I quite enjoy myself e.g. the one for the unusual IR19. I look forward to hearing what people think; the more the merrier! Thanks, in anticipation.

And a shot of some of my semi-factual Austrian flags in action just to give this post some eye-candy content! :-)

Thursday 9 July 2020

Alternative flags for French Irish Regiment Berwick from the 1721 Manuscript

These French Irish flags will just not let go, it seems. Here is the alternative set of designs for Berwick from the 1721 manuscript:

And next, I think it really will be back to the Prussians...

Wednesday 8 July 2020

Flags of French Irish Regiment Lally

I couldn't resist doing the full set of Irish regimental flags for the Seven Years War before returning to the Prussians so here is the last set, for Regiment Lally.

The green is fairly tricky - this looks rather light but when printed should be just about the right shade of light dirty green.

The tale of Regiment Lally and French adventures in India is best read here on Kronoskaf:

And the lurid tale and grim end of its commander can be read here:,_Thomas_Arthur_Comte_de

And this is the uniform as it was at the beginning of the Seven Years War: