Saturday 25 June 2016

Flags of French Regiment Royal Italien

This is a "stray" set of French flags which I did as a favour for Paolo, the chap who runs this Facebook page: which has many illustrations and other information on the regiment. I thought I'd post them here anyway, even though they don't belong to any of my flag sets.

Royal Italien: Raised in April 1671 in Italy. Only one battalion. During the Seven Years' War the regiment ranked 48th.

Increased to 2 battalions by the incorporation of the disbanded Royal Corse Infanterie in December 1762.

Involved in the conquest of Minorca 1756 and still stationed there in 1757. 1759 transferred to Corsica where it remained until 1762.

These are the flags:

And this is the plate from the French 1757 manuscript:

Mystery flags which may be on the way soon...

No prizes for guessing but it would be enjoyable to see who knows what these flags are... I'm sure many of you do. :-)