Sunday 11 December 2022

Flags of Swiss Regiment De Meuron in British Service 1795-1816

Although I concentrate on flags of the mid-18th century and earlier, I do on a whim sometimes do flags of other periods, although I do not often have time and energy to do so. So, as I have not posted any flags for a while and to keep things ticking over here while I am working on various flags and their texts including Prussian IR 49, some Austrian flags, more French flags and also more Spanish flags plus a flag commission etc. etc., I post here the flags of Swiss Regiment De Meuron in British service, both pre and post 1801. Someone might find a use for them! There are three versions of the King's Colour as I could find no definitive description of that colour but did find examples of those three versions of the flag. So it is up to whoever wishes to use them to choose the King's Colour they find most appealing!

The history of the regiment can be found here: