Monday 11 November 2013

New - Coming Soon - Rossbach French Infantry Flags Project - and what about future uniform templates?

As I've nearly completed all the French infantry flags from Minden which I planned to do I thought I'd continue the focus on the French by starting a little project to do most of the French infantry flags from Rossbach. It was certainly not one of the glory days for the French army but one pleasant advantage of this project for me is that instantly some are done already, as a few regiments at Minden were also at Rossbach! Rossbach also gives me chance to draw some of the Swiss infantry flags, which I particularly like and which have not featured on this blog before. If I find the energy and time I may even do some of the German French infantry flags, which on the whole are rather more complex and elaborate than those of the native French infantry so require much more work. I've so far avoided doing those for Minden, as some of you may have noticed.

I've also been thinking about possible new uniform templates. I've not done any for a long time, having lacked the inspiration, time and energy. If anyone has any ideas for templates they'd like to see then please leave your suggestion(s) and I'll see what's possible or tickles my interest. I won't promise to do all those suggested but it will help if you give me some ideas. Thanks!

[Update Sunday 17th November: Well, it seems that at the moment there's no interest in new uniform templates! That saves me some work, anyway... ]