Saturday 9 March 2024

Flags of Savoy 1693-1704: Battalion Flag of a British-Paid Protestant Regiment from the Triomphes Louis XIV 1690s

This seems to be a flag of a unit which was disbanded in the later 1690s. The heraldry is entirely British.

Tuesday 5 March 2024

Flags of Denmark in the War of the Spanish Succession: Prince George's Regiment of Foot Battalion Flag

3 battalions strong; each of 6 musketeer companies. There was one grenadier company.

One battalion of Prince George served in Ireland in 1690. One battalion served in Imperial service 1702-1709 and was in theory 6 companies and a total  of 691 men strong. The first and second battalions of Prince George were in the service of Holland and Great Britain in 1701-1714; there were 13 companies (including the grenadier company) with a theoretical strength of 1544 men.

And this was the battalion flag according to Sapherson, The Danish Army 1699-1715:

And this was the uniform in the early part of the WSS: