Saturday 5 September 2020

Portuguese Infantry Flags of the 18th Century - Batch 1

As there seems to be enough interest in these unusual flags here is the first batch; two flags from the early part of the century but of patterns that were probably carried much later. The upper flag is of an unknown unit and of the general windmill design of Portuguese flags. The lower one belonged to the Armada Tercio early in the century. Note the anchors round the central heraldic device.

What little we know of Portuguese infantry flags of the 18th century is covered in this post on the Kronoskaf site:

I shall gradually post the rest of the Portuguese flags I have created.

Tuesday 1 September 2020

Portuguese Infantry Flags of the 18th century including Seven Years War

I recently had a small commission for a sheet of flags of Portuguese infantry of the Seven Years War and thereabouts; I say "thereabouts" as we have little information about the flags used in the SYW itself. Along with my interpretation of what little we know or think we know about the SYW flags I therefore also depicted flags from the earlier 18th century as probably carried in the War of the Spanish Succession; it seems likely they were also carried much later but we cannot be sure.

Greg of the Delta Coy blog; commissioned the flags for a brigade of Portuguese infantry which he is raising (see more on his blog about this project) and is happy to see them used by others, so if there is interest I shall post some of them in the same format as my other historical flags. So, over to you!

This is the full sheet (shown here very much reduced);