Saturday 2 March 2024

Flags of French Infantry Regiment Cambresis 1684-1775

First raised as Cambresis in 1684 and created out of the third battalion of Piémont. Given to the Count of Châteaurenaud.

This flag design was carried by the regiment from 1684-1775.


1689: Army of the Alps; capture of Cahours
1690: Battle of Staffarde; the colonel wounded

Given in 1693 to Charles-François-Anne, Count of Montberon
Given in 1694 to N. de Vienne, Marquis de Presles

1696: Siege of Valencia
1697: Army of Flanders
1701: Army of Italy
1702: Defence of Cremona; the colonel killed

Given in 1702 to François-Louis d'Hautefort, Count of Marqueyssac

1702: Battle and capture of Luzzara
1703: Expedition to the Tyrol
1704 and 1705: Sieges of Verceil, Yvrée and Vérue; battle of Cassano
1706: Siege and battle of Turin
1707-1719: Army of Dauphiné

Given in 1708 to Jerôme-Augustin de Boisset, Marquis d'Arville

1711: Army of Flanders
1712: Battle of Denain; capture of Douai, Quesnoy and Bouchain

Given in 1732 to Claude-Louis de Bouthillier de Chavigny, Marquis de Pont-Sur-Seine

1733-1735: Army of the Rhine

1739-1741: Served in Corsica
1742: Army of Flanders

Given in 1743 to Charles-Pierre, Marquis de la Châtre-Nançay

1744: Defence of Alsace
1745: Capture of Kronembourg
1746: Sieges of Mons, Charleroi and Namur; battle of Rocoux
1747: Defence of Provence; conquest of Nice
1748: Army of Var

One battalion strong in 1756 and ranked 80th

1756: Served in Brittany
1757: Army of Germany; conquest of Hannover
1758: Grenadier company in the Combat of Mehr
[Susane reports the regiment at the battles of Hastenbeck 1757 and then Krefeld in 1758 but this is not supported by Kronoskaf]

Given in 1758 to Armand-Charles de la Galissonnière, Vicomte de Barrin

1760: Departed for the Ile de France and the Indies

Given in 1762 to Louis-Charles Le Pellerin de Gauville

1763: Returned to France

1764 Sent to Saint Domingue

And this was the uniform in 1756:

Friday 1 March 2024

Flags of Denmark in the War of the Spanish Succession: The King's Lifeguard of Foot Battalion Flag

According to Sapherson The Danish Army 1699-1715, this was the design of a battalion flag of the Danish Foot Guards.

My previous post of a flag of the Danish Guards captured at Ramillies 1706 and shown in the Triomphes Louis XIV has information on the regiment and its history in the War of the Spanish Succession:

Tuesday 27 February 2024

Flags of Savoy 1693-1704: Another Flag of an Unknown Regiment from the Triomphes Louis XIV

Here we have another probable Savoyard flag as depicted in the Triomphes Louis XIV but the exact date is uncertain, although late 17th/early 18th century. It is probably from a Swiss regiment.

Monday 26 February 2024

Flags of Savoy 1693-1704: Another Flag of an Unknown Regiment 1704

This is another flag of an unknown Savoyard regiment as depicted in the Triomphes Louis XIV. The manuscript says it was taken after the capture of the town of Vercelli in 1704. The Kronoskaf WSS page on the siege lists a number of Savoyard militia regiments captured and I wonder if this flag belonged to one of them: