Miscellaneous Flags On The Blog

This is a list of the various flags on the blog that are not French and Prussian!

Austrian Infantry Flags of the Early War of the Austrian Succession 1740s (and more to come yet):

Flags of Austrian Regiment Hoch und Deutschmeister as probably/possibly carried in the early War of the Austrian Succession

22 Flags of unknown Austrian regiments of Charles VI, as carried in the 1740s by the army of Maria Theresa

Portuguese Flags of the Seven Years War Period

16 assorted flags in five batches

The Reichsarmee (with more to come)

Franconian Regiment Cronegk
Franconian Regiment Ferntheil
Franconian Regiment Varell
Kurköln Infantry Regiment Wildenstein
Speculative flags of the Kurmainz Regiment
Swabian Infantry Regiment Baden-Baden
Swabian Infantry Regiment Baden-Durlach
Swabian Infantry Regiment Fürstenberg (Rodt)

Swabian Cuirassier Regiment Hohenzollern

Spanish Infantry Flags 1728-1768 (with more to come):


This list to be continued as there are many more flags to list...

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