Friday 29 April 2011

Early 18th Century European Cuirassier

This is the classic uniform of the European cuirassier, which survived almost unchanged for a century or more from the early 17th century in the armies of a number of European nations, and was used by the Austrian cavalry specifically for fighting the Turks until the late 18th century. The zischagge-style of lobster pot helmet was Eastern European, with its extensive fluting on the bowl and the single bar adjustable nose guard. The coat was usually thick buff leather throughout the 17th century but was gradually replaced with a cloth coat in the 18th century. The heavy back and breastplate, painted black to prevent rust, was usually at least pistol proof. Breeches were often leather in the earlier period but like the buff coat were often later replaced with cloth.

The coloured version represents the Bavarian Horse Regiment Salburg Widel at the time of the War of the Spanish Succession.

This template is an adaptation of a simpler one I did as a commission for Moshe some time ago.