Tuesday 11 June 2013

Minden French Flags Project - Regiment Du Roi

First raised 1663 and counted as number 6 of the Petits Vieux regiments. The king was the colonel of the regiment but it was in practice commanded by the colonel-lieutenant, who from 1745 was Claude Louis François de Régnier, Comte de Guerchy. This was a four battalion regiment so was the only unit in the Du Roi Brigade. The regiment was at Hastenbeck, Krefeld, Minden, Corbach, just missed Warburg and was at Vellinghausen. At Minden it was in the first line of the left wing infantry.

The motto Par Decori Virtus was added to the flags in 1753.

And this plate purports to show the uniform and flags in 1757; again, the flag appears to be incorrect for this date, showing that contemporary images can often be wrong!: