Sunday 15 August 2010

Some historical flag work in progress...

I'm in the middle of doing some historical flags for a friend and thought I'd post a snapshot of the the state of play on the "worktable", to see if people recognise what's being worked on - it livens up the time! ;-) This particular batch I will probably offer as a set for people to download if there's interest, when they're finished. (And yes, I realise there are two of the same flag top left - there is a reason for that. :-))

Update 14th October 2010 - here's an updated rough showing the correct number of fleurs de lys on the cross of the flag of Royal Roussillon - 48 and not 49, and also naming most of the units! (See Chartrand's "French Soldier in Colonial America" for pictures of the flag of Royal Roussillon and of La Reine from the official pattern book; that pattern book is one volume that should definitely be in print!) 3 of the flags are very near completion and I'll post a snapshot of them sometime soon.