Thursday 29 January 2009

"Ordinanza" or Regimental Flag of Sardinian Italian Regiment Torino, 1772-4

It's from rather later in the 18th century than the SYW but I like it so here is the flag of the Sardinian Regiment Torino (Turin).

Wednesday 28 January 2009

More thoughts on map symbols...

Well, after the initial shock of realising that my map symbols suffer from some form of progressive elephantiasis (see comments on previous posting - we were in danger of reaching 1:1 scale designs ;-)), I've been rethinking the strategy and have been looking into designing a font for map symbols rather than graphics symbols themselves. This may be complete insanity (or lead to complete insanity) but it would have the advantage for users that they could drop the symbols into almost any program they are using for drawing maps and not have to convert my symbols into some format or other than .svg before they can use them. It would have the advantage for me that the very format restricts the potential size and complexity to some extent. A possible disadvantage is that the font would be black and white and users would need to do all the colouring for themselves but that should be relatively easy. I've found a free font designer that may be up to the job (whether or not I will remains to be seen!). More on this as I work my way through the program and try to produce something... If anyone has any thoughts, ideas or experience to share, I'd like to hear them; thanks!

In the meantime, I'll also be back to drawing more templates and flags; but at this moment I need to get a cat's details and photograph on to the rehoming page of the cat rehoming charity for whom I do the website, and then to bed as it's nearly 3.30am here. :-)