Monday 20 November 2023

First Sheet of Genoese Infantry Flags 1740s-1750s

I do not have a great deal to say about these as I have not found much material on the flags and military uniforms of Genoa in this period. A useful short summary of the Genoese military in this period can be found here:

The colonels' flags for Swiss regiments had the shield and griffins of Genoa on both sides, apparently, but I can find no details of the flags carried by Swiss regiments in Genoan service, unfortunately. If anyone has information on them, please do let me know!

And this is my recreation of the uniform of infantry regiment Montenach in the 1740s:

I shall produce a second sheet of infantry flags soon. The artwork of Quinto Cenni seems to be the largest single source of information on Genoan flags and uniforms of the 18th century but I have not discovered what his sources were so cannot say how reliable his depictions are. In the absence of much else, they will have to do!