Saturday 16 December 2023

Flags of Savoy 1693-1704: Regiments Piedmont, Savoy, Schulemberg and Aigoin

I did these as a favour a while ago so thought I'd share them more widely as some people might find them useful. I hope and plan to do more Savoyard flags eventually.

For the Savoyard Army of the WSS, see:

Friday 15 December 2023

Standard of French Cavalry Regiment Condé 1740 onwards

The État Générale of 1753 says the regiment was first raised 1666 under Louis XIV for the House of Condé but Pajol, Les Guerres Sous Louis XV suggests a much more complicated history, with a creation in 1645 as Enghien but then a history of being disbanded and reformed a number of times for, amongst other things, rebellion against the Crown.

Ranked 21st in 1753 and 2 squadrons strong.

This is my version of the standard from 1740 onwards based on verbal descriptions:

Its Chefs were: Louis de Bourbon, Duc D'Enghien who became The Grand Condé; then Henri-Jules, Prince de Bourbon, 11th December 1686; Louis-Henri de Bourbon, 15th September 1709; The second Duc de Bourbon, 1st April 1710; Louis-Joseph de Bourbon, Prince de Condé 20th January 1740.

Its service history and postings to 1763 as given by Pajol [with additional information from Kronoskaf]:

1726-1729: The Saône Camps
1733-1735: Army of Germany
1736 and 1739: Lamballe

1740: Stenay
1741: Bohemia
1742: Sahay; Retreat from Prague
1743: Battle of Dettingen
1744: The Lines of Lauter
1745: Passage of the Rhine
1746: Brussels; Anvers; Mons; Namur; battle of Raucoux
1747: Battle of Lauffeld
1748: Maastricht

1749-1750: Valenciennes; Saint-Quentin
1751: Rethel
1752-1753: Neufchâteau
1754-1755: Condé

1756: Epinal; Sedan
1757: Battle of Hastenbeck; battle of Rossbach [as part of Saint Germain's Corps]
1758: Battle of Krefeld
1759: Battle of Minden, where it was badly mauled and consequently sent to the rear to recuperate after the battle
1761-1762: Paris
1763: Lille where it was reorganised and absorbed the regiment of Toulouse-Lautrec

And this was probably the uniform in 1756: