Monday 12 November 2012

New Generic French Infantry Template

I was never very happy with the first generic French infantry template I did. It was crude and anatomically rather odd - looking much as if the man was overweight and somewhat slumped! So here's an improved version looking rather more upright, slim and soldierly... His tricorne is also improved.

I shall eventually redo all the French uniforms for Quebec that were previously based on the poor first template, with all the appropriate pocket and cuff variations.

I've now added the template coloured (and slightly modified) to represent the French infantry regiment La Sarre, one of the Quebec regiments whose flags I have already posted on the blog.

First raised 1651, the 2 battalion infantry regiment La Sarre supplied its 2nd battalion for the war in Canada. It arrived in 1756 as part of the convoy carrying the new commander Montcalm. It was at the capture of Oswego 1756; the capture of Fort William Henry 1757; the French victory of Ticonderoga 1758; the siege of Quebec and battles of Montmorency and the Plains of Abraham; elements surrendered at Fort Niagara 1759; it was at the French victory of Sainte Foy and the siege of Quebec 1760; and finally it was on the retreat to and at the surrender at Montreal 8th September 1760. Only the ordonnance flag was carried in Canada and was burned before the surrender at Montreal.

Also now added below the French Infantry Regiment Guyenne, another Quebec regiment.