Wednesday 19 April 2023

The '45: Jacobite Flag of Ogilvy's Forfarshire Regiment

This regiment was a relatively large unit, raised mostly in Angus by Lord David Ogilvy, heir to the House of Airlie. The regiment was up to 500 strong when it marched into England but soon suffered from large-scale desertion, according to Christopher Duffy (Fight For A Throne, 2nd ed.). In the meantime Lieutenant Colonel Sir James Kinloch raised a second battalion in the original recruiting area. The two battalions served together at Falkirk 17th January 1746 in the second line, where they were roughly handled by some enemy dragoons, nearly lost a flag and were helped by the Menzies to repel the dragoons, and Culloden 16th April 1746, again in the second line and from where they retired with relatively few casualties. When the Jacobite army dispersed on 19th April 1746 at Ruthven they went home as a still disciplined unit and eventually disbanded in Glen Cova on the 21st April. Another flag associated with this unit bears the Kinloch arms.


I have many finished flags waiting for their text, most of which need long screeds, so I am posting this with its mercifully short text to keep things ticking over here...