Friday 7 March 2008

Russian Infantry Flag 2

This is one of the battalion flags of the Azovski Regiment, showing the coat of arms in the centre and a different crown above from the previous two flags I have posted. The original was red, with yellow flames in the corners, and the central shield design was gold. The coat of arms had a sky blue background, with silver fishes, crescent and cross.

Russian Infantry Flag 1

This was very similar in pattern to the dragoon standard posted earlier. This type was carried by those regiments which did not have a coat of arms. Each battalion had one of these flags with a coloured background; the other battalion flag had the Russian double-headed eagle motif on a white background.

Thursday 6 March 2008

Russian Dragoon Standard

This is the squadron pattern for those Russian dragoon regiments which did not have a coat of arms to display; it has the imperial monogram for the Empress Elizabeth instead. This can easily be edited out in e.g. Paint by those who wish to use this design for their ImagiNation.

Sunday 2 March 2008

French Berchény Hussar 1756

First raised in 1720, the second hussar regiment to be recruited for the French army and ranked as the 59th cavalry regiment, the Berchény Hussars was a famous unit but did not apparently perform very well at Emsdorff in July 1760.

Uniform: Red mirliton with sky blue wing, white lace, white plume and decorations. Black stock. Sky blue dolman and pelisse, white lace, white metal buttons, red collar and cuffs (cuffs with white lace). Pelisse edged with black fur and lined red. Red and white barrel sash. Sky blue breeches. Black boots with white lace top. Red sabretache with white lace trim and decorations. Brown leather sabretache and sabre belts. Red shabraque with white trim and decorations.

The template can be found here: