Wednesday 4 May 2022

Flags of French regiments disbanded 1749: Flags of French Regiment Beaujolais

Beaujolais first raised June 1685. One battalion.

Summary of its service (from Susane):

    1690 : Army of the Alps
    1691 : Conquest of Savoy and Nice
    1693 : Battle of Marsaglia (4th October))
    1696 : Army of the Rhine
    1701 : Army of Germany, then to the Army of Italy; battle of Chiari
    1702 : Combat of Santa Vittoria; taking of Luzzara and Borgoforte
    1703 : Expedition to the Tyrol
    1704 : Sieges of Verceil, Ivrée and Vérue. The colonel, killed before Verceil, was replaced by his       brother Etienne Le Ménestral de Hauguel de Lutteaux 20th July 1704
    1705 : Battle of Cassano (16th August))
    1706 : Battle of Castiglione
    1707-11: Army of Dauphiné
    1712: Army of the Rhine
    1713 : Sieges of Landau and Fribourg
    1719 : Army of the Pyrenees
    1733 : Occupation of Lorraine
    1742 : Army of Flanders
    1743 : Army of the Lower Rhine; battle of Dettingen
    1744 and 1745 : Defence of Alsace
    1746 : Siege of Namur; battle of Rocoux
    1747 : Went to Provence. Retaking of the Isles of Sainte Marguerite; conquest of the County of Nice; combat of the Assiette, where the colonel Jacques Gabriel Bazin Marquis de Bezons was seriously wounded
    1748 : Campaigns on the Rivière de Gênes, Italy
    10th February 1749 : incorporated in the Regiment de Traisnel, which became Beaujolais, and the grenadiers sent to the Grenadiers de France
And this was the uniform in the 1740s: