Saturday 23 February 2013

Reported problem with "Contact Me" form on my blog

I've now had two people tell me that (and I quote from the second report) "your "Contact Me" widget blocks the left most several letters of each line of your text. It really makes the text hard to understand." Does anyone else have this problem? I cannot see it in either Firefox 19 or Internet Explorer 8; in both I have no problem except that the right-hand side of the Contact Me form itself is truncated but the blog text is fine.

If you do have a problem can you tell me what browser you are using on what OS and device (e.g. desktop computer, etc.) and with what settings, please? Thanks.


Minden French Flags Project - Regiment Tournaisis

First raised 1684, Tournaisis was a single battalion regiment and at Minden formed a brigade on the right wing with the 2 battalion regiment Rouergue and single battalion regiment Comte de la Marche.

The same pattern of colours was carried from 1684 to 1775.

Unfortunately I have no 1757 illustration of these flags and the uniform. Basically the regiment had red cuffs, all else being French off-white until 1761 when it acquired red waistcoat and collar; the pockets were horizontal with 5 copper buttons.

P.S. Flag plate updated 16.03.2013 - the original was lacking its pole retaining nails!