Tuesday 24 April 2012

Generic General-Type Template - of the fanciful variety!

I was playing around with one of the elaborately laced Royal Navy templates and also producing a feather-edged tricorne, of the type worn by generals in the 18th century (not to mention Baron von Munchhausen; rewatched the Terry Gilliam film recently ;-)), and the result was, I think, rather pleasing. I aim to create some authentic generals' uniforms (hence the feather-edged tricorne), which are long overdue, but in the meantime this is a pleasant, if rather fanciful, version. (Then again, given the freedom generals of that period had in inventing their own uniforms, I wouldn't be at all surprised if someone somewhere wore this exact uniform! :-))

I haven't yet created a blank for this, as to show the feather detail in a non-vector format the template needs to be very big, but these do show what fun can be had with recolouring some of the templates already created.

Update: I've now added a somewhat Russian-style general's uniform in green and red - also rather attractive, I think. :-)

Update 2: Added a rather Austrian-like variant in white and red and a French-like variant in blue and red.