Monday 22 May 2023

The '45: Jacobite Flags of Ogilvy's Forfarshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion, the Camerons and Gordon of Glenbucket's Regiment

Here are three more flags of the Jacobites in the '45. The history of the Ogilvy Regiment can be found in my previous post of the probable 1st Battalion flag.

I have produced flags with the heraldic emblem reversed on the reverse of the flags as well as flags with the emblems not reversed, as I do not know which was actually used. So, you can choose which you use!


Gordon of Glenbuckets [some authors spell it Glenbuchats]

An important leader, old Gordon of Glenbucket recruited his regiment in Strathbogie and the eastern glens. It may have been 300 strong at that stage. The regiment was with the Jacobite army in its invasion of England, although one company was lost as part of the garrison of Carlisle. It missed Falkirk as it was serving in the trenches at the siege of Stirling Castle. It was present at Culloden, where it ended up near the left flank of the first line having been initially in reserve, and it was probably disbanded at Ruthven on 18th April 1746.

Clan Cameron

The first clan to be raised for the Prince's army and also one of the strongest. Colonel Donald Cameron the younger of Locheil (acting chief of the clan) took some persuading to join the rising but once persuaded was a strong supporter of the cause.  The Camerons had many branches and so the regiment became one of the largest and most efficient in the army. It was in all the major actions. At Prestonpans it was up to 600 strong. Ludovic Cameron of Torcastle brought a further 450 men to reinforce the regiment. At Culloden they were 400 strong (according to Duffy, Fight For A Throne) but others say it was 600 strong, and they were stationed near the right flank of the first line. They made a fierce onset and suffered heavy casualties in the battle. The regiment was not disbanded until 27th May 1746.