Friday 22 April 2022

Flags of French regiments disbanded 1749: Flags of French Regiment Agénois

First raised under this name October/November 1692.

Flags carried from 1692-1749, although the later violet colour was called "gris de lin" up to the 1730s. This may have been little different from the later violet. These flags are one of my favourite sets of the disbanded regiments and I have planned to do them for a long time.

I took the detail of the design from the 1721 French MS as about the closest we have to a definitive version of these flags...


Service (from Susane Volume 8); it saw a great deal of action in the War of the Spanish Succession:

In the Army of Germany up to 1694.

Campaigns of 1695, 1696 and 1697 in Flanders.
; siege of Ath.

Army of Flanders 1701.

Combat of Nimègue 1702.

Moved to the Army of the Rhine; battle of Friedlingen 1702.

Siege of Keth and campaigns in Bavaria 1703.

Battle of Hochstedt 1703; first battalion taken prisoner.

Army of Flanders: Battle of Ramillies in 1706.

Battle of Oudenarde 1708.

Battle of Malplaquet 1709.

Battle of Denain 1712; the colonel of the regiment was badly wounded there.

Army of the Rhine: Siege of Philipsbourg 1734.

Combat of Klausen 1735.

Campaigns of 1739 and 1740 in Corsica.

Army of Bavaria in 1742: relief of Braunau and defence of Deckendorf.

In garrison at Bitche in 1743.

Army of the Alps in 1744l the colonel was killed in the attack on the fortifications of Montalban.

Served in the Alps up to the peace.

Incorporated on the 10th February 1749 in the regiment of Berry and the grenadiers in the Grenadiers de France.

And this was the uniform in the 1740s: