Tuesday 1 July 2008

Prussian garrison infantry flags revisited 2 - Garrison Regiments 3 and 4.

And here is the pattern for garrison regiments 3 and 4.

Prussian garrison infantry flags revisited 1...

I've had a request for Prussian flags with the ciphers and devices, rather than just the empty templates I did before. As it's a relatively painless thing to do compared with doing things from scratch (although it still takes time, of course), I'll be posting the revised versions over the next few months. First are the garrison infantry flags, which are the easiest of all to do as two of them simply require the addition of the central cipher. The first is attached, the pattern for all garrison infantry regiments except 1-4.

Monday 30 June 2008

Coming soon...

Coming shortly will be uniform templates of French heavy cavalry regiments Cuirassiers du Roi and Royal Pologne, followed by Russian and Austrian hussars some time later.

French Heavy Cavalry Standard

This is one of several variants of the French heavy cavalry standard. This type was carried, amongst others, by the Cuirassiers du Roi, Royal Cravattes, Bourbon and Clermont. The central motif looks odd shown in outline as here but when filled with the appropriate colour looks fine.