Sunday 30 March 2008

Flag of the Lübeck Burgerwehr 1740

This flag was carried by the Burgerwehr of Lübeck, the militia of the leading town of the Hanseatic League. In the middle is the Imperial eagle with the arms of Lübeck at its centre. The original is: background upper half white, lower half red. Black eagle, yellow (or gold) claws and beak. Shield white upper, red lower. Crown gold. Wreath green. Ribbon at base yellow. Columns grey with green foliage, gold crown, grey circle at base with brown rods/ sticks? Grey clouds in upper corners, grey (metallic) armour, hand flesh coloured. Lettering yellow or gold.

It gives some idea of the sort of flag that would be carried by these units and can be adapted for use by wargamers by judicious use of a graphics program.