Monday 13 May 2013

Minden French Flags Project - Regiment Condé

First raised 1644 and re-raised 1659 after being twice disbanded during the Fronde Civil War. This was a two battalion regiment. The regiment was at Rossbach, Halberstadt, Quedlinburg and Krefeld as well as Minden. At Minden it was in the first line of the left wing infantry as the senior regiment of the Condé Brigade, which also included the 2 battalion Enghien Regiment (already depicted below). On the extreme left of the French position at Minden it was badly mauled by the attacks of the Hanoverian troops and afterwards was sent to garrison Cassel.

The same pattern of colours as shown here was carried from at least 1659 to 1791.

And this plate shows the uniform and flags in 1757 - but with mysteriously different flags from all other sources: