Thursday 28 July 2022

French Cavalry Standards - Colonel-Général Cavalry Regiment

Probably first raised in 1634 by the Duke of Saxe-Weimar and ceded to France in 1635. Made the premier French cavalry regiment by Royal order of the 29th May 1645 with numerous privileges and became Colonel-Général on the 24th April 1657.

Unusually it was 3 squadrons strong and increased to 4 squadrons in 1761.

Stations and actions:

1730: In the camp of the Sambre
1733: In the Army of the Rhine; siege of Kehl
1734: Ettlengen and Philippsburg
1735: Klausen; at the peace stationed at Monzon
1741: Army of Bohemia; Prague, Piseck, Frauenberg
1743 February; returned to France
1744: At St Quentin then in Flanders
1745: Battle of Fontenoy
1746: Brussels; battle of Rocoux
1747: Battle of Lauffeld
1748: Siege of Maastricht
1749: Vesoul
1751: Belfort then Valenciennes
1753: At the camp of Aimeries-sur-Sambres
1754: Limoges
1756: Strasbourg
1757: On the right wing at the battle of Hastenbeck July 26th.
1758: At the battle of Krefeld on the right wing of the first line
1759: With the main army under Contades and at Minden August 1st. Heavy losses at Minden and so sent to the rear afterwards.
1761: Reformed the 1st December; reorganised at Gray the 1st April
1763: Incorporated the regiment of Montcalm

And this was the uniform in 1756: