Saturday 1 January 2022

Flags of French Regiment Penthièvre

For this, my first flag posting of 2022, I have returned to my beloved French flags. A chap with a blog who is raising 14 regiments of French infantry (see: for the WSS, and using my flags, lacked only these flags so I said I'd do them. Luckily for me the accompanying text is fairly short, so an easy way of easing myself into the flags for a new year!

A Happy New Year to everyone.

This regiment was first raised 1684 for the Comte de Toulouse and known as Toulouse Infantry. Became Penthièvre Infantry on the death of the Comte de Toulouse in 1737 in honour of his son the Duc de Penthièvre.

2 battalions Ranked 67th in 1756.

The flags were the same from 1737-1791; but the flags carried by Toulouse Infantry were almost identical. Charrié says the Toulouse flags had aurore rather than feuille morte but I think the difference is notional.

Susane Volume 7 (my translation): In 1754 the regiment took part in the camp of Aimeries sur Sambre and at the beginning of the war was sent to Brittany, where the Duke of Penthièvre was in command. During the whole of the war the regiment defended the coast of Brittany against threatened attacks by the British, and was very distinguished in the battle of Saint Cast, where the British troops, completely beaten, were obliged to re-embark with haste under the fire of our artillery. Major de Vangelas, appointed lieutenant colonel in 1762, and Captain Mons were wounded in that fight. At the peace Penthièvre was sent to La Rochelle and the islands of l'Aunis.

And this was the uniform in 1756:

Monday 27 December 2021

Some Seasonal Silliness: The guidon of Santa's Own Light Cavalry

 This is a British-style light cavalry guidon for Santa's Own Light Cavalry:

And I added a British heavy cavalry-style standard of Santa's Heavies to my long-neglected Tippelbruder blog here: