Tuesday 10 August 2021

Leuthen Prussian Flags Project - Flags of Prussian Infantry Regiment 25 von Kalckstein

Chef SYW to 2nd June 1759 Colonel Christoph Wilhelm von Kalckstein, later Field Marshal; from 8th February 1760 to 1782 Major General Friedrich Ehrentreich von Ramin, later Lieutenant General and Governor of Berlin

Regiment of 2 battalions created 1715 from companies dating back to 1626.


The regiment was with the King's Army against the Saxons at Pirna in 1756.  At Kolin on 18th June 1757 as part of Bevern's corps the regiment lost a third of its officers and around 60-odd percent of its effectives (Duffy, Army of Frederick the Great, 1st Edition, henceforth AFG1). The regiment went with Bevern to Silesia and was at the defeat of Breslau on Novermber 22nd 1757. Here the regiment lost its commander Colonel Hieronimus Wilhelm von Eckardt. Despite such heavy losses the regiment and its grenadiers were at Leuthen. The regiment fought its way round the village and lost about 15% casualties (AFG1). It was then at the siege of Breslau, which culminated in the ignominious surrender of 17,000 Austrians on the 20th December.

In 1758 IR25 joined the King's Army and was at Zorndorf on August 25th; on the right in Dohna's Wing it helped drive off the Russian cavalry attack and suffered around 20% casualties (AFG1). At Hochkirch the regiment helped cover the retreat of the battered army.

In 1759 it was encamped at Schmottseiffen with the King; the grenadiers, as part of the advance guard, suffered around 40% casualties at Kunersdorf and the remnant were captured at Maxen.

In 1760 the regiment was with Prince Heinrich's Corps at Torgau on November 3rd, fighting as part of the Queiss Brigade on the left flank of the main army. As part of the second column under von Bülow they took the Süptitz Heights but were thrown back. Regimental casualties for Torgau are not available.

After being encamped at Bunzelwitz in 1761 the regiment headed for Pomerania on 25th October, stormed the Kolberg fortifications at Spie and was in Saxony by the end of the year.

In Silesia in 1762 IR25 was at the battle of Burkersdorf on July 21st, where it captured the northern fortifications at Ludwigsdorf but with heavy casualties. Its final action of the war was at the successful siege of Schweidnitz.

And this was the uniform in 1756:

 I had planned to post the flags and uniform of Reichsarmee Regiment Baden-Baden next but I am still working on the text for them. Of the remaining Prussian flags for Leuthen, of IRs 15 and 27, those of IR15 will take some time as they are unique and will need to be created from scratch...