Monday 4 August 2008

Trooper, Austrian Hussar Regiment Kálnoky

Raised by the Transylvanian Stände in 1742. Distinguished at Nachod 1758, Kunersdorf, Lindewiese 1760. Also at Kolin, Moys, Breslau, Kolin, Landeshut, Greiffenberg, Neustadt, Burkersdorf.

Uniform - Light brown kalpack with red bag, yellow cords. Light blue pelisse and dolman with yellow lace, red pants, buttons brass, blue and yellow barrel sash, black boots with yellow braid edging and tassel, red sabretache with K monogram and crown in yellow, yellow edge, brown leather straps, sabre with brass furniture. Shabraque red with yellow border.

Again, note the detail differences from the other Austrian hussar regiments, particularly the dolman lace.

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