Thursday 13 November 2008

10th and 11th Reichsarmee Templates - Grenadier and Musketeer of the Regiment Baden-Baden (Swabian Circle)

First raised 1691. Although characterised in 1757 by Soubise as "bad", the regiment fought very well at the battle of Freiberg in 1762. (See the account in Christopher Duffy's By Force of Arms, Emperor's Press 2008, pp.381-390.)

Although a Catholic regiment, its morale was reduced by being made up of 42 separate contingents. Composition: "two battalions each with 5 musketeer companies and 1 grenadier company, two 3-pdrs guns and an authorised strength of 1,690 men. Actual strength in May 1758 was two battalions, 2 grenadier companies, two 3-pdrs guns and a strength of 1,436 men" (Kronoskaf).

Uniform: Grenadier above, musketeer on the left. Grenadier has brown fur cap (Austrian style), with dark blue bag laced white with a white tassel. Musketeer: Black hat, white hat lace and yellow metal button. Both: Black stock. Dark blue coat, white collar, cuffs, lapels and turnbacks. White waistcoat and breeches. Yellow metal buttons.