Sunday 3 July 2016

Flags of French infantry regiment Royal La Marine

This is yet another "stray" flag set, which I did as a favour and which does not fit into any of my projects.

Royal La Marine - originally raised 1669 for fleet service from Compagnies franches de la Marine. Integrated into the French army in 1671. 2 battalions strong. Ranked no.44 in the SYW. In 1756 the regiment took part in the capture of Minorca and spent the rest of the war as garrison there and returned to France in 1763.

These are the flags:

The uniform was the usual grey/white coat with blue collar and cuffs (with 3 pewter buttons) and blue waistcoat. The horizontal pockets had 3 pewter buttons. The 1757 MS does not appear to have a picture, sadly.

But here's my version of the uniform (added Saturday 18th July 2020):