Friday 5 February 2021

What's next? An update, February 2021

This is just a quick update on my plans for the blog in the next few months.

After I finish the Prussian Rossbach infantry flags (there are just the flags of IR15 to do, which are fairly complex and unusual and so will take some time) I think I'll tackle the Prussian Leuthen infantry flags. I have a head start on them already because IRs 1, 5, 6, 13, 19 and 23 which I did for Rossbach were all also at Leuthen, as well as IR15. I already have 3 or 4 of the new Leuthen flags drawn but waiting for their text to be written. That's what takes the time! I do love the standardised format of most Prussian flags as it makes creating new ones so much easier...  :-) (The attached picture shows mock-Prussian IR15-like ImagiNations flags I created some years ago for a commission, with many others behind and to the right.)

I shall, naturally, continue doing French infantry flags. The next of those will be the flags of regiment Mailly, a large 4 battalion regiment I somehow missed from the Rossbach French project and which was in the thick of the action at that rather unfortunate battle (unfortunate for the French, anyway). I'm not yet sure if I'll tackle another batch of French flags from a particular battle or simply follow my recent capricious approach of doing any French infantry flags I happen to fancy doing.

And then there are other little or not so little projects I may try on the way. I've had requests for various flags and will consider the possibility of some of those. I may convert some almost authentic Russian SYW ImagiNations flags I did to make them authentic and post some of them; I'm not sure at the moment. (See attached rough snapshot of some of the flags as they are at present... They don't need a huge amount of conversion to make them authentic. The Russian Guards' flags are particularly nice, as I used a photograph of a surviving example in a Russian museum for all the complex details.) I'm doing a couple of small commissions at present as well, which all eat into the time and energy, as does Real Life (TM). So we shall see what is possible!

A comment from a chap on one of the Facebook SYW wargaming sites I frequent asking if I had a "tip jar" after he'd seen some of my SYW flags got me thinking about possible contributions to my reference book fund for flag books. All future flags I post on the blog will still be free as before - but I may make it possible via the blog for people to throw any loose and unwanted change my way, if they feel like contributing. I'm still thinking about that...