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Flags of the Palatinate in the War of the Spanish Succession: the Garde Grenadiere

The Palatinate was a poor area and was in the pay of the Allies against the French, although the Palatinate was still chasing up subsidy payments for the WSS as late as 1723.

First raised 1698 from the grenadier companies of Infantry Regiments Lübeck, Sachsen-Meiningen, Bourscheidt and Wurtbye. In 1701 16 companies strong. In Dutch pay 1704.

Ten company and a colonel's flag were captured by the French at Speyer in 1703. We therefore know the patterns from the Triomphes Louis XIV.

Strengths at various periods were:

January 1704 About 400 men
Theoretical full strength was 2 battalions and 1440 men

In 1706 the regiment was sent to the Imperial Army and the strength is recorded as 967 men, with 166 deserters and totalling 2 battalions.
In September 1706 the regiment had 971 men with 90 sick and 157 absent
In March 1708 800 men were present
In 1711 with the Neutrality Corps in Silesia there was one battalion with 640 present
In 1712 there were 794 men
In 1712 at Denain the GG had one officer dead, 27 men dead, 80 officers wounded and 56 men wounded [which seem odd proportions!]
In 1713 mustering at Mannheim on 30th June there were 768 men and on the 31st July 800. 75 men were in garrison in Mannheim/Weinheim


1702: Capture of Annweiler
1702: Siege of Landau
1703: Skirmish at Speyerbach [where the flags were lost to the French]
1704: Siege of Landau
1705: Siege of Drusenheim
1707-8: Siege of Lille
1709: Siege of Tournay; battle of Malplaquet
1710: Siege of Douay
1712: Denain
1713: Mannheim

In 1705 the regiment had dark blue coat and trousers; cuffs, lining and waistcoat were red, and buttons were yellow (copper). The grenadiers wore a white fronted grenadier cap with a complex design.

Details from Electorate of the Palatinate under Elector Johann Wilhelm 1690-1716 by Claus-Peter Goldberg and Robert Hall