Wednesday 31 August 2022

Roughs of Bavarian War of the Spanish Succession Flags to gauge interest...

This is a tentative post to gauge interest - I know there are already a few people out there who will be interested.

If enough people respond I'll make sure I export these at a higher resolution and will try to work on some more, including possibly some of those Leibfahnen with their fiddly and complicated Madonnas!

Monday 29 August 2022

Various of Willz Harley's Regiments With DavidNBA Flags June to August 2022

Here are a few of Willz Harley's regiments with my flags; pictures kindly sent me by Willz.

Sedan Militia

Dillon Regiment

Prussian IR 23

Lorraine Militia

Dauphin Regiment

Thanks very much, Willz! Great to see the flags in action...

Sunday 28 August 2022

Flags of Spanish Infantry Regiment Galicia 1728-1768

As I had a fair number of requests here and on Facebook (via various 18th century wargames pages) for variants of these Spanish flags with the regimental badges, here are the flags of Spanish Regiment Galicia with their corner badge of a gold chalice surrounded by 8 silver crosses. If printed at a size for 28 or 30mm figures (say 3-4cms across) the detail should show but, if printed smaller, even at high resolution on a laser printer, I suspect it will not.

The regiment was descended from a tercio raised in 1566. (Information distilled here from Kronoskaf as I do not have independent sources for the Spanish army; my schoolboy Spanish is a bit too rusty for me easily to use Spanish language material anyway!)

Fairly heavily employed in the war of the Spanish Succession but after the capitulation of Ghent in 1706 which it helped defend the regiment was not to be further employed in hostilities in the Low Countries. It returned to Spain in 1713.

It was renamed Regimiento de Galicia in 1715.

It saw much service in the War of the Austrian Succession, employed in many sieges and also at the battles of Piacenza, Tedone and Tanaro.

The regiment ranked 4th in the Seven Years War. During that war it was with the Spanish army assembled for the invasion of Portugal and took part in the siege of Miranda, which capitulated on May 10th 1762. As Kronoskaf says "For the rest of the campaign, the regiment made diversionary attacks, escorted convoys and finally reinforced the extremity of the Spanish positions."

And this was the uniform in 1756: