Wednesday 10 December 2008

20th Reichsarmee Template: Musketeer, Infantry Regiment Pfalz-Zweibrücken (Circle of the Upper Rhine)

Rated as "bad" by Soubise in 1757, the regiment was caught badly off guard when it formed part of the garrison of Weissenfels on 31st October 1757. At Freiberg in 1762 it performed creditably in the southern sector of the allied line.

First raised 1685. Made up of 33 contingents. Inhaber: Pfalzgraf Karl August von Zweibrücken und Birkenfeld. Composition: 2 battalions, no grenadier company.

Uniform: Black tricorne, white scalloped lace, white with red pompom, yellow metal button. Black stock. Prussian-style uniform with dark blue coat, red lapels, cuffs and turnbacks, probably red shoulder straps, white button lace. White waistcoat and breeches. Yellow metal buttons.