Thursday 3 June 2010

Saxon Feldjägerkorps Revisited

Thanks to John Cunningham I now have an illustration of a Saxon Feldjäger from W. Dittrich's Sächsische Uniformbilder (1620-1810). Dated 1735, it is very similar to the uniform described by Schirmer in Pengel & Hurt and which I illustrated below from the verbal account. Differences include no button lace on the cuffs and an aiguillette on the left shoulder rather than the usual right. The figure is shown dismounted so no detail of horse furniture is given. Dittrich's plates also include Feldjäger uniforms of 1765 but they are very different in cut and detail and show a distinct change in style of Saxon uniform after the Seven Years War.

A quick plug for John Cunningham's figures here; he has revived, markets and is expanding a number of classic 20mm wargames figure lines (Les Higgins' splendid ECW and Marlburians, for instance) and now has available the Wodensfeld 20mm SYW French. If you would like to know more about these or any of John's other 20mm ranges, please email him on: CunnJoh [at] aol [dot] com for details.