Wednesday 28 June 2023

Standard of French Cavalry Regiment Dauphin Étranger

First raised March 1674 according to Pajol, Les guerres sous Louis XV (the État Général of 1753 says 1666). 2 squadrons strong in 1756.

This standard was carried from 1674-1762 by Dauphin Étranger, according to Charrié, and he also says that Dauphin Cavalry adopted the same standards when it absorbed Dauphin Étranger in 1762.


1727-1630 On the Saône
1732 Camp of Alsace
1734 and 1735 On the Rhine
1742 Bavaria
1743 Alsace
1744 Saverne
1745 The Rhine
1746 and 1748 Flanders
1755 and 1759 Hanover

Looking through the Orders of Battle for the Seven Years War I cannot find any combats in which the regiment was engaged.

Reformed 1st December 1761 and incorporated into Dauphin Cavalry

And this was the uniform in 1756 (most details from the État Général of 1753):