Friday 25 August 2023

Warburg French Flags Project: Standard of French Cavalry Regiment Sainte-Aldegonde, formerly Viefville

First raised 1st March 1674, by Louis du Faure de Satilieu, Marquis de Saint-Sylvestre.

2 squadrons strong and ranked 38th in 1756.

This is my reconstruction of the cavalry standard, with its pomegranate tree in flower, which seems to have been carried from at least the 1730s to 1761. I have seen only verbal descriptions. (The French name for pomegranate "grenadier" presumably comes from the pomegranate fruit looking remarkably like a grenade in shape.) One major frustration with French cavalry standards of the period is that we often do not know what the emblems were; in Pierre Charrié's book the words "motif inconnu" occur with tedious regularity!


Saint-Sylvestre 1674; De la Rocheguyon 1716; La Rochefoucault 1726; M. d'Urfé 1731; M. du Châtelet 18th January 1734; M. de Beuvron 18th March 1734; D. de Fleury 15th February 1738; M. de la Viefville 20th August 1743; M. de Sainte-Aldegonde 10th February 1759

Very active in many combats of the 1670s, until reduced in 1679 then re-established in 1682. Again, saw much action in the 1680s and 1690s.

1700: Army of Italy; combats of Carpi and Chiari, then the combat of Volta where it took a detachment of Imperial cuirassiers.
1702: Battle of Luzzara
1703: Combat of Castelnuovo
1704: Taking of Verceil, Ivrée and Verrue
1706: Battle of Castiglione
1707: In Flanders
1708: Battle of Oudenarde
In Flanders to the peace

1733: Camp of La Sâone then to Italy and he conquest of the Milanais
1734: Battles of Parma and Guastalla
1735: Taking of places in the Modénais
1736: Back to France and quartered in Sens

1741: Bohemia; taking, defence and retreat from Prague
1743: Battle of Dettingen
1744: Flanders
1745: Italy; combat of Refudo
1746; Battles of Pleasance and Tidone
1747: Defence of Provence
1748: Camp of Valence

In Germany for the first two campaigns of the Seven Years War
1758: Battle of Lutterberg October, where it was in the Reserve of Cavalry
1759: Remained on the Rhine
1760: At Warburg July 31st in the first line

Reformed 1st December 1761 and incorporated into La Reine Cavalry

And this was the uniform in 1756: