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French Flags Mini-Project: Flags Carried By Infantry Regiments at St Cast 1758 Number 3: Regiment Quercy

First raised 16th September 1684. One battalion in 1756 and ranked 85th.

These flags were carried at least from 1694-1776.

Summary of Susane Vol.7's account of the regiment's early history: Active in the War of the League of Augsburg. In 1692 its colonel and major were killed in a sortie by cannon fire during the enemy siege of Embrun which the regiment was helping garrison; after an honourable capitulation the regiment retired to Pignerol in 1693. Took part in the battle of Marsaglia 1693. It continued to serve until 1696 to the Peace of Ryswick 1697.

Raised to two battalions in June 1701. The first battalion served in Italy from December 1700 and was at the battles of Carpi and Chiari. In 1701 as part of the Auvergne brigade it was distinguished at the combat of Santa Vittoria where captain of grenadiers Monteil was killed. With Marshal Vendome in his campaign of 1703. In garrisons in 1704 then in 1705 at the siege of Vérue and after its capitulation then at the siege of La Mirandole. Later at the battle of Cassano. Fought 19th April 1706 along with Regiment Limousin at Calcinato, at the siege of Turin, and then at the battle of Castiglione 9th September. In 1707 at the defence of Provence and Dauphiné. Took part in the taking of Césane 1708 then serve din the Alps in the following years where it finally rejoined by the second battalion.

The second battalion had served in Flanders under Marshal Villeroi up to 1703. Served on the Moselle until the end of 1710 and left Brissach, where it had been in garrison, for Dauphiné at the beginning of 1711.

The entire regiment served in the Alps for the three following campaigns and in 1714 was called to the siege of Barcelona. After the capitulation of that city the regiment was reduced to one battalion and incorporated part of the regiment of Vallouze.

The regiment served in many of the actions of the War of the Polish Succession from 1733-6.

At the beginning of the War of the Austrian Succession the regiment was again on the Alps frontier and saw much service there. After the disasters of the campaign of 1746 the regiment took a heroic part in the defence of Provence and made a great contribution in the raising of the siege of Antibes by the Austro-Sardinians. Recrossing the Var in 1747 it was distinguished in the attack on the fortifications of Montalban and Villefranche and the capture of the two towns, almost a repeat of its experiences there in 1744. After that it took part in the occupation of Nice and Vintimiglia. At the time of the peace it remained in the Comté of Nice.

Text for the Seven Years' War from Susane Volume 7; my translation.

During the first years of the Seven Years War, the regiment de Quercy was employed in the defence of the coast of Brittany and its conduct was notable, on the 11th September 1758, at the battle of St Cast, where the British flag received a bloody affront. While Boulonnais attacked the enemy left flank, Quercy marched at the head of the column attacking the other flank. It was a lieutenant of the regiment, followed by fifteen grenadiers, who was the first to enter the enemy entrenchments and began the rout of the British troops.

In 1760 Quercy was part of the tardy reinforcement sent for the defence of our [i.e. France's] colonies. It was put into garrison on Saint Domingo, where it stayed until the beginning of 1766. An ordonnance of 30th April 1760 had raised it to two battalions and that of 10th December of the same year assigned the regiment to the service of ports and colonies.

And this was the uniform in 1756: