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Guidon of French Dragoon Regiment Du Roy 1744-?1772

The youngest of the French dragoon regments, it was created by Ordonnance of 24th January 1744 and organised the March following, from 15 companies of the existing 15 regiments of dragoons.

Ranked 4th among the dragoon regiments in 1753.


1744: Army of the Moselle; combat of Saverne; attack on the fortifications of Suffelsheim; siege of Fribourg

1745: On the Rhine
1746: Army of Flanders; fought before Mons and Charleroi; battle of Roucoux
1746-7: Siege of Antibes

1754: Camp of Plobsheim
1757: Army of the Lower Rhine and its various activities
1758: Army of Hanover; battle of Krefeld; November to the Army of Soubise; seized the town of Schwarzhausen and the castle of Calze and made the garrisons prisoners
1759: Battle of Bergen
1760: Siege of Ziegenhain; combat on the River Werra where the Count Bulow was defeated
1761: Combat of Kindelbruck
1761 March: "During a march on Kreimberg an NCO called Roger, well known in the regiment for his daring, and who was promoted to officer in 1763, was detached in advance with his troop. He discovered a troop of cavalry escorting artillery and munitions. He charged them sabre in hand, killed the NCO at the head of the convoy and the shaft horse of the first carriage, and stopped the column. Promptly helped by the rest of his squadron, he captured seven cannon  which were turned against the enemy. After this exploit, for which he received all the credit, the Count of La Ferronays ordered Roger to get back on his horse and force a passage to the village of Burgeminden, which he did." [My translation from Susane Histoire de la Cavalerie Vol.2 p.320]

1761: The 15th August "Lückner attacked M. de Belzunce on the heights of Aslar; flags of the infantry were captured by the enemy; the Marquis de Créquis was in despair. Roger set off at the gallop with his comrade Cruze and dragoon Dabant and all three came back with a recaptured flag, which they returned to their mestre de camp who was thrilled by the courage of these dragoons."  [My translation from Susane Histoire de la Cavalerie Vol.2 p.320]

At the end of the Seven Years War the regiment was in garrison at Strasbourg.

And this was the uniform in 1756: